Controversial Plan to Educate against Teen Pregnancies

The new controversial plan to educate our children all about the birds and the bees.

As young as five years of age, children are to be primed for lessons on sex related issues in hope to help lower the number in teen pregnancies. This controversial plan about teaching youngsters who struggle to count to 10, and before they hit puberty. At least wait until then so their understanding is slightly clearer before this action is made law.Research has proven that early education on matters as such this, has helped teenagers to hold back on their sexual urge of two becoming one. The plan is expected to avoid facts on less important facts such as genital warts and provide details on the context of real life relationships not delving into the human anatomy, therefore our children escape listening to all the details that can result from unprotected sex.

If and when it comes into force and your child starts to show real interest in the opposite sex, then surely he/she has the right to know all the facts and realities. Awareness should be top priority on the list of importance for fear of children becoming involved with infected partners. The sad thing is not many carriers know that they have an STD and therefore are oblivious to the health risks that they may generate through sexual contact. Unsafe sex STDs genital warts is most certainly a deterrent giving youngsters second thoughts before going back for a seconds. Highlighting the pain and heartache from unsafe sex on a more serious note may help prevention; it is not to be ignored.

No doubt views will differ on this matter, some parents will welcome this decision then there will be the strongly opposed majority. Apparently parents can not rely on telling their children that underage sex is unacceptable. Teaching naive and innocent minded children on what their sex organs are for may cause problems. Give a kid a bike he/she will ride it, give a piece of chocolate they will eat it, give them the ingredients like a penis/vagina then you have the perfect recipe for an early pregnancy. The importance of education for our families is vital but teaching our kids before they reach puberty is controversial.

The right as a mother and or father to teach their children is paramount here and any distraction from that could be dangerous and confusing. What nature intended is for children, to grow up and have a have a childhood. Parents will always rely on the advice they give to their children, whether they listen is a different matter. But at the very least the parent should have the last say on the matter and take full responsibility for this side of a child education in life.

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